Industrial product sales and service

Our company is determine to serve the maximum satisfaction of our customers. We are providing different kind of Sales and service of Industrial Automation Product including PLC’s , Inverter’s and HMI’s , Servo drive, We provide all automation Software of our customers without any cost. You can order any product from our online shop ( and also you can pick up from our store. We are ready to delivery within short time as your ordered volume ..

  • Siemens Plc, Siemens Hmi, Siemens PLC Software, Siemens Communication Cable.
  • Logo Plc , Logo PLC Software, Logo Plc Communication Cable
  • Delta Plc, Delta Hmi, Delta Inverter, Delta PLC Software, Delta Plc Communication Cable.
  • Ls Plc, Ls Hmi, LS PLC Software. Ls Plc Communication Cable.
  • Mitsubishi Plc, Mitsubishi Hmi, Mitsubishi PLC Software. Mitsubishi Plc Communication Cable.
  • Allen-Bradley Plc, Allen-Bradley Hmi, Allen-Bradley PLC Software. Allen-Bradley Plc Communication Cable.
  • Schneider Plc, Schneider Hmi, Schneider PLC Software. Schneider Plc Communication Cable.
  • Omron Plc, Omron Hmi, Omron PLC Software. Omron Plc Communication Cable.
  • Panasonic Plc , Panasonic Hmi, Panasonic PLC Software. Panasonic Plc Communication Cable.
  • Fatek Plc, Fateck Hmi, Fatek PLC Software. Fatek Plc Communication Cable.
  • Holip Inverter, Delta Inverter.

Microcontroller product sales and service:

Our aim is to guarantee the maximum satisfaction to our customers. We Sales and service Microcontroller and Electronics Product. We made Home Automation system by microcontroller and we made University project. You can order any product from our website and also you can pick up from our store. We are try to delivered within short time.

Ardoino UNO, Ardoino Mega, Ardoino nano.

Raspberry pi 2, Raspberry pi 3.

Orange pi, Orange pi plus 2.

Servo motor, Sensors,


Electronics Project, Electronics Products

Resistor , transistor , diode.

PLC Product

Siemens, Mitshubishi, Delta, LS, ...

HMI Product

Delta, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, ...

Inverter Product

Siemens, Mitshubishi, Delta, LS, Omron, ...

PLC Data Cable

Siemens, Mitshubishi, Delta, LS, Omron, ...